About Us

New York Air Cooled Trials (NYACT) was conceived in the Fall of 2008,
during discussions among several vintage trials enthusiasts. The agreement was to
conduct a new vintage trials series in New York State, aimed at fun, and with
several distinguishing features. The first was to include all air-cooled trials bikes,
even those with monoshock suspension or a disc brake. The second was the use of
the Moreland Gate System of scoring, invented by nationally-known veteran trials
rider Carl Peters. The third was to provide a true vintage experience, by limiting
participation to vintage bikes. Thus, no liquid-cooled bikes would be allowed, not
even for fun or for exhibition. We are 100% air-cooled.

The first season, in 2009, featured three events, in Warsaw, Erin, and Moreland,
NY. By the third event, forty-four riders participated, thereby validating the
concept of the series. Most seasons since then have had five events, all held on
private land. Thanks to generous landowners, these locations have included
Apalachin, Cayuta, Cuba, Erin, Galway, Lansing, Moreland, Richford, and

Trialmasters (and their number of events at the end of 2022) have included Gary
Appleton (5), Chris Arnold (10), Ron Bors (3), Seth Bruce (5), Regan Faught (1),
Roger Hastings (7), Bill Hughes (1), Pete LaCagnina (8), Wayne Larsen (1), Doug
LiPuma (3), Carl Peters (8), Bernie Tinus (2), Ken Turner (3), Mike Waller (1),
Doug Yeo (3), and Bob Young (4).

2011 saw the creation of this website, through the efforts of our initial Webmaster,
Kevin Carey. At the end of 2018, the Webmaster duties were assumed by another
faithful rider, Ben Damon.

In addition to the competition events, we have enjoyed several family picnics and
fun rides at the Hill & Gully Trials Center in West Bloomfield, NY, courtesy of
Kirsten and Kevin Carey, as well as numerous trials schools conducted by Carl
Peters and Chris Arnold.

The years 2020 and 2021 brought the worldwide Covid pandemic. The initial plan
of five events was modified several times, but after development of new protocols,
we salvaged the series and held four events safely each year. Also in 2021, we
celebrated 50 years of trials on the Carl and Nancy Peters property in Moreland.
Along with Carl as Trialmaster, we had two special guests, Dave Tuxill and Jerry
Young, who each rode the initial event in 1971!

After fourteen years of providing a “True Vintage Experience”, NYACT ceased
operation after the 2022 season was completed. However, vintage trials will
continue in 2023 under a new organization called Empire Vintage Trials. You can
get more information at the EVT Facebook page

Questions or comments? Contact NYACT Administrator Ron Bors at: ronbors@yahoo.com or (607) 257-5640