Come ride with us for a True Vintage Experience!

New York Air Cooled Trials is a group of Observed Trials enthusiasts who organize vintage meets in New York State. We invite riders of all abilities to join us, and spectators are always welcome at no charge. You might just become hooked! Explore the menu links above to learn more about us, our events, and how you can get involved.  Check out our “Schedule & Results” page for the latest event information. We hope you can join us soon!


Advanced riders demonstrate skills that would be a challenge even on modern bikes. In NYACT, all competition is performed on air-cooled vintage bikes from the classic years of observed trials. Here we see David Murphy navigating a tight turn on his 1981 Fantic 240.


Camaraderie is a big part of the vintage trials experience. Here, two long time NYACT members Carl Peters and Kevin Carey , are discussing strategy at a NYACT event

The second NYACT trial of 2020, originally scheduled for June 14 in Warsaw, has been postponed until further notice. Our Trialmaster, Gary Appleton, is willing to conduct the event later in the year, if that proves feasible.  This action is disappointing to everyone, but safety continues be our primary concern as our state begins to open up.

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