A True Vintage Experience!

After fourteen years of providing a “True Vintage Experience”, NYACT   ceased operation after the 2022 season was completed. For a short history of NYACT, please click on the “About Us” page.
 However, vintage trials will continue in 2023 under a new organization named Empire Vintage Trials.
You can get more information at the EVT Facebook page.

Advanced riders demonstrate skills that would be a challenge even on modern bikes. In NYACT, all competition is performed on air-cooled vintage bikes from the classic years of observed trials. Here we see David Murphy navigating a tight turn on his 1981 Fantic 240.


Camaraderie is a big part of the vintage trials experience. Here, two long time NYACT members Carl Peters and Kevin Carey , are discussing strategy at a NYACT event

Questions or comments? Contact NYACT Administrator Ron Bors at: ronbors@yahoo.com or (607) 257-5640